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Image by Lucas Kapla

Happiness On Wheels

Image by Alexander Grey
Image by Anastasiia Rozumna


Since the beginning of 2019, Zullino has been mixing up events in and around Stuttgart.

The Good Mood Mobile, which is only slightly larger than a Euro pallet, brings everything that is needed for a proper celebration.

From the sparkling shower to the glasses. 

Zullino was created with two main goals: to help the planet, and to bring joy to people. Our small car is running completely on electrical charging and, therefore, causes no CO2 emissions. The dispensing systems that we are using are also made for reducing the pollution as there is no need for using and wasting bottles. We love our planet as much as you do, and we are all in for sustainable solutions! 


Our customers are our highest priority and we want to make your celebrations unforgettable! Bolinho is a "small bubble" of happiness that spreads around and makes your eyes sparkle,  metaphorically and literally. 

How do we work?

Drinking Secco is possible almost everywhere, because the party is where our Secco Bar pulls up. The van streams to or into the location, opens the flap and off you go - the sparkling shower is served. 

Don't feel like the tingling shower? 

Of course, we also have anti-alcoholic drinks in our luggage if you wish.

Zullino also has trained Bro-seccos and Si-seccos on board who aim to enhance every event with excellent service and surprises. 

Which one exactly? Get in touch with us quickly and find out more! Let yourself be surprised!

What do we offer?



 Made of grapes of the autochthonous grape variety "Raboso".
Created through  c
arbon dioxide from the second fermentation in the tank.


Fascinating. Fruity. An elegant scent of raspberries and wild roses coming together. For the taste, you will experience a perfect interplay of sweetness and acidity. Last but not least, the unique color is a great highlight. A frizzante that is fun!

Image by Oliver Sherwin



Created from the Prosecco grape type "Glera". 

As well as Rose, the result is of carbon dioxide from the second fermentation in the tank.


Imagine holidays. In Italy. What a Dolce Vita!. Apple,

gooseberries, meadow flowers and grass make up the perfect aroma . The Charmat process also ensures a fine note of yeast. If you like Prosecco, you will love Alzaian. Perfect with Aperol Sprizz!

Not a Fan of Secco?

That's no problem! 


Cocktails, soft drinks, coffee or catering, anything you are up to - contact us and we will find the right solution just for you!

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