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Revolutionize partying with Zullino - Bar Italiano!

The first and hottest all-electric Secco Bar in Germany! Zullino completely eliminates the need for tedious organizational preparations, such as carrying bottles and glasses, and time-consuming location searches. 

Your satisfaction & the satisfaction of your guests is our highest priority!

Whether wedding, name day, birthday, company celebrations, "mountain party", we entertain you when and where you want.

Image by Al Elmes

Save water, drink Secco!



We drive electric and therefore absolutely emission-free and almost noise-free to your celebration. As a result, we do not pollute the environment with unnecessary exhaust gases.
With our dispensing system, we save a total of 27 bottles of unnecessary waste per keg. Of course, this also saves you unnecessary tinkering with tons of bottles.


All of our drinks suppliers deliver absolutely the highest quality, because we are not satisfied with mediocrity. Our Secco is always perfectly chilled and therefore never tastes stale.


Who is in the mood for ugly tables with ugly covers and lots of bottles that are pointlessly lying around. With Zullino you get the eye-catcher at your party.


Our vehicle, our beer pump, the conversion and even one of our seccos in the range are all sourced from regional suppliers and come from Baden-Württemberg.
True to the motto "Support your local heroes".


"Highly recommended and super personable!

We and all our guests were very enthusiastic.

It was the absolute highlight after the church wedding.

The Secco Bar is small, sweet and compact and fits everywhere.

The prosecco and lemonade were very good and nice and cool."

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